Getting caught up!

Hello Reader!

I am back-posting a lot of content right now, so it might appear that I just up and disappear from the planet – let me assure you that is not the case.

May the next decade bring you prosperity and positive change!

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  1. Your home is awsome thank you for shareing. Got a question what’s your ham call mine is kb3poc and I hope to catch you on the airwaves. we just went fulltime in sept 2019 and we have so much to learn the reverse asmosouse is a great ideal what machine are you running is you feel like answering that question you can email me at thank you again


    1. Aaron Bockelie says: Reply

      Hey Joseph!

      My callsign is KE7NMX, I’m usually diddling around on APRS. I’ll send you an email separately!


  2. Hello Aaron. I am in the planning stages of a build likely based on a expediter truck. Two questions: 1) can you point to resources for designing electrical systems? I’m a mechanical engr. by training, so can do much of the work, but elec. engr. guidance would be useful. 2) You mentioned in a video that your work centers around, among other things, collaboration tools for distributed work groups. Do you have a website dedicated to that work? I am currently managing a tech startup and we could use better data sharing tools, etc. Regards, Chris.

    1. Aaron Bockelie says: Reply

      Hi Chris,

      As for #1, I can’t point to any specific resource. I’ve found that ultimately, I picked up some concepts around risk driven development processes that I picked up working in the nuclear engineering space.

      Obviously if it’s my own project and I’m financing it myself, I’m the only one answering to any questions, methods or processes. Using this process has proved especially valuable in other large projects and tasks.

      So, that’s kind of a non-answer for electrical design, but that approach facilitated minimum learning as well as implementation.

      For #2, I work as a solutions engineer for Cprime Give us a call, we have several practices that might be able to facilitate your startup behaviors in a positive manner.

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