Las Vegas Adventures

Here are some highlights? from our 3 week stay in Vegas. Writing isn’t my thing but it is good have a mini journal entry.

We stayed at the Oasis RV park. Friendly people but they had a huge booklet of rules. We were located further off the strip so 6 of us and no tow vehicle Uber XL (minivans) adds up fast. Sixty dollars round trip to go to the main strip area so we made trips count.

The rv parking areas were really tight two deep in one site at the Oasis. They put us right next to the bathroom and showers which was fine less compost toilet changing. Being in a less desirable spot meant cheaper price and it had double the space on the sides plus The dog park was lacking and it was a long walk for them crossing their legs..imagine many dogs going on bare dirt daily with no rain. To make things more fun they had cameras aimed at you to ensure you cleaned up after your pets with signs indicating they would fine you and then kick you out. I ended up picking up others mess to avoid drama. They had one pool for families and another pool with spa for of age guests. Good security check point every time you entered was a bonus. Overall that place wouldn’t be my first choice again but it was nice enough.

Getting groceries was interesting we took Uber to Whole Foods one time because it had other things to do within walking distance (yikes $$). We used Instacart when we got sick to bring groceries, medicine, and drinks. We have a 3 part filtration system but the water is the 3rd worst in the US and you can tell. You can fit a 40ft bus in some stores but it was a bit of a hassle turning around with so many cars not to mention having to get into travel mode. I am constantly working on getting our go time down should probably time it- you’d be surprised what all moves around- earthquake puddy and wall hardware are my friend.

Our best guy friend drove our car down from Seattle and life started improving. We had been in the desert for months even took on the bus renovation with no car with the closest Home Depot over an hour away. Sometimes it is nice to have that option of taking a car. I think Aaron gets fatigued from the production prior with 4 kids and the animals. Parking lots with the red fire lanes are a breeze other lots not so much. Every drive day comes with adventures big or small.

My husband had a work convention so we moved over to the Circus Circus RV park on week three. Nice to spread out and have more space and little rules. They charge a resort fee on top of the rate which adds up. We enjoyed the pool but things are a bit outdated. We felt safe enough plus they had security patrolling on bikes. We were a short walk to the Adventuredome and we spent time there. First time the younger kids had ever been on amusement rides. Most games cost $1 to $2 there. Some nice person gave us her extra coupon to get a discount on the ride bracelets.

We checked out the Aria buffet twice that has 2 free kids meal per adult. The Palm casino had a really good affordable buffet with a nice variety also. A man in line beside us had a free buffet coupon and offered it to us. The Ace buffet at the Palms had turnip greens, huge BBQ ribs, and craw-fish. Dessert wasn’t as good at the Palms vs the Aria Buffet. We tried other restaurant such as the Black Tap famous for the huge over the top milkshakes, Viva Las Arepas- Venezuelan arepas, The Egg Slut, rolled ice-cream and many more amazing things. All the awesome restaurants and shops were my favorite part.

The Silverton casino next door to the Bass pro shop has an interactive fish feeding and mermaid shows for free Thursday through Sunday I believe. You can ask questions to the scuba diver in the tank our crowd was kinda quiet but it was fun even for the adults. The mermaids go one at a time and the kids really enjoyed her tricks. Our birthday girl loved her picture session.

We will be back to Vegas next year hopefully. All of the people on and off the strip were the friendliest people. He attended his work conference and I did errands and explored with the kids and felt safe. It was nice to stay for more than just a few days to really get the feel for the area. Bye Vegas for now we are done..

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  1. Darren Steuber says: Reply

    I wish I had met you guys earlier but I am glad we met before you left Oasis RV Resort. I enjoyed talking with you both. Your kids were very well behaved. I really didn’t know you had kids in the bus. My English Bulldogs enjoyed meeting your kids.
    We are still there. I hope you all are doing well.

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